10. Hurricane

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

You know when you meet that one and you think they’re the one, then they take off without a word and your world just kind of explodes. Yeah, that’s this song.

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7. Love Forever

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

I have always had a hard time imagining a love that lasts forever. I think people with divorced parents have a difficult time envisioning this. And I think kids who grow up with divorced parents are more prepared to divorce their spouse if – or when – trouble happens in their relationship.

The layers and layers of discovery about this subject will take me a lifetime of digging and way more than a couple of paragraphs to express.

Part of me knows that love can be forever, but another part of me wonders if I’ll ever be capable of it.

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9. Things I’ve Done

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

Things I’ve Done is an ode to all the stupid shit I’ve done. Bad decisions, wrong choices. I try to learn from my mistakes and use the lessons to make better decisions in the future. (That’s what it says to do in the self-help books!!) It doesn’t always work that way, though and I end up making the same mistakes over and over. I’m not sure if I’m incapable of change, or if I haven’t dug deep enough to figure out how.

(BTW Andy Harrison, guitarist. Damn!!)

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2. Death Do Us Part

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

This one is not for the kiddies. This new album, Dig, is about love. And my search within my own patterns of relationships to better understand some of the mistakes I’ve made regarding love. Falling hard in it. Navigating between what my head wants and what my heart wants. The lightness it brings with it, and the darkness it leaves when it disappears.

Death Do Us Part is, I think, the second stage of falling in love. When you just know they are the one and you cannot wait to make it official!

12. Just Like Love

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

If you’ve ever been in love you know how miraculous it feels. In the beginning it feels like it will last forever. It feels like life won’t get any better than this. And you want to say it. You’re bursting with love and you want to shout it to the world from the highest mountain. This song is about the fear of saying it to your partner for fear they don’t feel the same way.

(BTW Brian May has got nothing on Jeff Dalrymple – That guitar solo blows up my brain!!!)

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5. Say You Understand

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

This is the 3rd recording of this song. At first I called this song Nashville Love Song (Love, Love, Love). It’s about not wanting to fall in love. There’s just no time for it. As if the point of view is a Nashville singer/songwriter and she’s had her heart broken before and just doesn’t want to go down that road again. That first recording of it had a much more ‘Nashville’ feel, with banjo and slide. I wanted to try it again with a bit less banjo and a little faster. Still, with a Nashville feel, it was rerecorded and appears on my last album, Ghosts & Lovers.

On this album, Dig, I wanted to try it without so much of a Nashville feel and with more of a pop vibe and so I renamed it Say You Understand. And yes, everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t have any type of restrictions from, say, a record label, or management, so I kind of feel like, why the fu©k shouldn’t I.

I really like all 3 versions, and so I think it’s time to put this one to rest.

This is the video of the first recording (shot by Pete Vogel). This version of the song doesn’t appear on any album – it only lives in this video.

(Players on Nashville Love Song include: Frank Lapinski, Billy Zenn, Joy Hall and Jeff Dalrymple)

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6. Everything Out There

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

…continued: I know that love is the savior of us all. I know that love is a force that drives us to stay alive, it drives us to be better, and love drives us to create. I know that no matter how horrible a person may be – or how horrible their mistakes may have been, they are capable of love. We all have the power to heal others with love. Most of the songs on this album could be shared with all this in mind.

This song is about hoping the love will never leave, and fearing it could.

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4. Broken

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

This song has had a re-write. I do that. For me, the words and music need to live in perfect harmony to feel complete. Both need to come from the same place, support each other’s message and fit neatly together like pieces of a puzzle. If they don’t, at some point in my life it will be rewritten – such is the case with Broken.

As I said before, this new album, Dig, is about love, and the patterns I find in my own relationships. Things I’ve done wrong, or what I’ve done right, and why I do what I do, and questions like, “Why am I like this”? “Can I fix me”? And maybe most importantly, “Do I need fixing”?

Broken is the song about how difficult it is to leave a toxic relationship. How hard it is when both people are so insecure and damaged, and the magnetic pull each has on the other is so great it’s nearly impossible to break free.

All these feelings associated with loving someone, then breaking up – first the anger, then sadness, grief, guilt, shame, overwhelming depression, loneliness, self-loathing, and, finally, if you take the high road you’ll get to acceptance, and lessons learned… while the low road may lead to revenge – they all are only separated by the amount of time that has gone by since breaking up.

I put the first version of this song out a couple of years ago, and that first version was written from the acceptance stage. I really thought the music’s point-of-view was a little closer to the fresher feeling of anger, so I wanted to make that more clear in the story.

Whether you are the one breaking up or it’s them, it’s devastating for both.



13 days of COVID quarantine = All 13 songs on Dig

I’d like to add one last post to thank all the phenomenal people who made this album with me! Fred Blitzer (producer), Jeff Dalrymple (acoustic guitar), Andy Harrison (electric guitar), Phil Maneri (bass), and Jeff Martin (drums). Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You all have such incredible talent and you brought this record up to a whole other level.

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who read, liked, loved, shared or acknowledged my posts about the 13 songs on Dig. I really appreciate all of your support!

And lastly, thanks for the well-wishes while I was recovering from COVID. I am definitely on the mend!See the liner notes from the album below.

You can read the stories about the songs here on my blog, or go to my FB page LydiaBrownfieldMusic.


Album Liner Notes:

Extra special thanks to Billy Zenn & Frank Lapinski for being my sounding board for arrangement ideas and providing honest feedback over the years. Your influence and friendship means the world to me. My deepest gratitude goes out to Kelly Vaughn and Jen Sipos for providing the best (and most delicious) freakin’ port in a storm. I’ll be forever grateful for your open ears and kind hearts. Giant thank yous to Freddy B. for giving me a recording experience like no other and pushing me to do better; Andy H., Jeff M. and Phil M. for reading my mind about what I was looking for – and delivering! Thank you Tiera Suggs for trusting me, again – it is so greatly appreciated, Joy Kollmer for helping me out of my comfort zone, and George Stefanidis for the joy ride! My deepest and sincerest thank you to Jeff Dalrymple who has endured the steady stream of thoughts and words constantly coming out of my mouth about this project, from the songs to the photos and videos, and your collaboration that helped this project see fruition. I love you to the moon and back. And thank you to Luka, I couldn’t have done this, or much of anything, without you. You are my universe!

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13. Holding Hands

13 days of COVID quarantine = 13 songs on the new album, Dig!

Holding Hands is the last song on the Album. By revisiting all the loves in my life through these songs, I think it’s safe to say, I’ve smoothed out a little over the years. My tolerance for relationship drama has become much more realistic and I have acquired some very useful tools; such as the courage to be honest, and the confidence to say “no” – which is a biggie.

My pattern has been that I fall hard in love while ignoring any consequences. I remember thinking at the onset of one particular relationship, “I love him so much, but this isn’t going to end well”. After a while I hear my brain say, “psst… he’s not the one”. Those big red flags start waving and I think, “Where the hell were you (flag) a year ago?!” But those flags were always there, I just chose to ignore them. The fear of being alone coupled with a low sense of self-worth meant that just having someone interested in me was enough to have me throw my hands up and say, “You! Are! The! One!!!!” 

For the most part I think I’ve been forgiven by most of my ex-boyfriends (even by one ex-spouse). And I have forgiven the ones that took advantage of my “love-blindness” to the point of abuse. But, this time I got really lucky. If my current relationship started off because of my usual pattern, it’s turned into the best thing that’s ever happened to me. There’s nothing like finding your best friend in the love of your life. And I am so grateful for that.

Holding Hands is that love. The love of best-friendship wrapped up in true love. The love that carries you to the stars. 

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